Customer service is very important to Must Love Dogs Training. We do our very best to ensure that your experience with us is a happy and enjoyable one. Must Love Dogs Training promises to be patient, calm, motivational and do whatever we can in order to ensure that you have the best relationship with your dog. For your assurance here are what some of our clients have said about their experience with us.


"Approaching 40kg, Dave had a few puppy behaviours (eg jumping up) that we wanted to curb (and quickly). After just one session, Dave has already improved ten-fold. Saxon and Andrew's professionalism, knowledge and passion for dog training sets them aside from the other trainers. We would have no hesitation recommending them to anybody else."

Helina, Sean and Dave


“Saxon generously made time in her busy schedule to visit Ringo at my house at very short notice. Saxon was instantly able to connect and engage with Ringo from the moment she met him and was able to teach Ringo and myself many things in the short time we spent together. It was obvious that she has the ability and genuine passion for dog training. I’d definitely recommend Must Love Dogs Training as I've aready seen Ringo benefit from just one session!”

Daniel and Ringo


"Zoe always had a problem with walking nicely on lead. She would pull so much that we didn't want to take her for walks anymore. After learning how to teach Zoe to walk properly and a few sessions, it is with much happiness that I can say Zoe is 1000 times better! Thank you Must Love Dogs Training'."

Michael, Emma and Zoe​

Dog Walking Puppy Dog Training Adelaide


"Thank you for all the work you do with the girls! They are losing weight and better behaved and Bassey flies up onto the bed instead of 50 run ups before she even attempts to get onto the bed !! Xx"

Puppy Dog Training Adelaide


"I wanted to say congratulations for starting a fantastic doggy training business and for teaching me some well appreciated tricks. I love to do the tricks as it keeps me occupied and I get to use my mind. I also get lots of yummy treats. I guess you MUST LOVE DOGS a lot as I love you!!!!!"

Woof woof Barley



"In the few years I have known Saxon we have shared many experiences with dogs as friends, colleagues and volunteers at dog shelters. One of my most memorable experience was at a dog shelter where there were two American Staffordshire Terrier X's who had been surrendered for attacking live stock. I don't think any volunteers would have been confident to walk them as they would bark aggressively when a dog walked past their pens.


Saxon's compassion for these two dogs was amazing. The first day she saw them, without any hesitation confidently went into their pen. She tended to some sores one of them had all over his face and ears from a fight. The dog just melted in her arms and he started whimpering like a puppy. In that moment Saxon decided these dogs needed love and training!


We decided to take one of the dogs for a walk. You could tell this dog had never been on a leash before as he was pulling and walking madly from side to side. Saxon, confidently took the lead and started training this dog to walk next to her. She then walked him past the paddocks where cows where grazing and we could tell how anxious he was. I think he wanted to go and chase (eat) them. Saxon kept walking him back and forth past the cows, whilst talking to him in a calm and soft voice and directing his attention away from the cows. I could not believe my eyes! In the end he didn't even realise there were cows in the paddock and he was walking in a heel position next to Saxon like a well trained dog. This training only took less than an hour!


The love and care  Saxon had for these dogs was incredible. She knew that if these dogs could have time, training, love and care they could lead happy and normal lives.


I am so happy Saxon is doing what her purpose is in this life. Lucky are the dogs who cross her path."

Griselda Nelson - Doggy BlissCanine Myofunctional Therapist

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