My top eleven favourite things about dogs!

1) They have the ability to make all your stresses and worries DISAPPEAR like magic!

2) No matter what mood you are in they look at you with love and a smile and that makes you smile! And still want to be close to you even when you are super grumpy!

Salmon Smile.jpeg

Did you just smile looking at the photo?

3) Dogs are ALWAYS happy to see you whether you leave for 8 days, 8 hours or 8 minutes! And they bring you offerings of pillows, blankets or beds when you get home. Well Salmon does anyway!

4) Playing with or petting a dog can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol. FACT!

5) They are super smart and know things before we do! We really could afford to listen a little more closely to them.

6) They do things that make your heart melt and make you feel special. Like waiting at the door for you to come home, even though dad is home!

Salmon door.jpeg

7) Dogs make senior citizens happy when nothing else can, just by being there!

8) They are forgiving. Every time, no matter what!

9) Dogs do hilarious things. Like get frightened by their own farts and run a mile! Hahahaha!

10) They are soft and furry and cuddly and give the best hugs and kisses!

Paco Hug.jpeg

11) When they are sick, they put on a brave face, smile and say “thank you for looking after me, everything is going to be ok!”

Belly Smile.jpg

There are SO many more reasons but those are my favourite! Which brings me to my next point…

I think we are so lucky and so blessed to be able to live with these incredible creatures that have such a profound and positive impact on our lives and so I have made it my life’s mission to make sure every dog lives a happy life!

Through training I can help people to communicate with their dogs, to understand why they do the things they do, and show them how to tell us what they want in more appropriate ways. I believe that training, understanding and education is the answer to living a happy life with a dog in your home. Training, to me, is a mandatory requirement, just like a dog needs food and water.

The number 1 reason dogs are surrendered to shelters is lack of training! And so I am on a mission to change that so that every dog can have the opportunity to feel the love that you and I feel every time we look at those big eyes and wet noses!

So who is with me!?

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