Well hello there world!

My name is Saxon-Dale. Some people call me Saxon the Dog Lady! I am the proud wife of Andrew Sabatino, (pictured below with Salmon and Lulu) (who is my hero and does incredible and inspiring work for Guide Dogs SA NT), and mum of Bella, my South African Jack Russell x Maltese, Salmon, my Kiwi Labrador and Lulu, my sweet Aussie Kelpie.


From the time I was born I have had a SMALL obsession with animals. Mostly dogs! There was a short moment when I was a kid that we didn’t have any pets. That’s when I fell in love with rats, who are totally amazing by the way! I had Brain for almost 5 years and then years later I got another one who had babies a week later. I couldn’t split the family, obviously, so I had 9 precious little fat ratties!

Saxon and Brain.jpg

On a very special day in August 2007 I met Bella, who was being chased by a drunk man with a brick across a highway. No siree, not on my watch! I went up to that man, waved my finger in his face and said, “Give me your dog! NOW!” So he did! She is the dog who changed it all for me. The dog who kept coming back to me even though she was placed in two other homes. Bella was the reason I got to leave home and move to London where I met the man of my dreams, and a lot of other dogs and pigeons! She reminded me of why I am here on this earth and all that I do for dogs is in the name of Miss Bella, Bellsy, Bellsybub, Schnags, Schnaggles, Schnookspy…

Saxon and Bella.jpg

I am writing this blog because I want to share the magic of dogs with the world! The magic between two different species and the unconditional and unwavering love and companionship that is created when a human and a dog get together. Sure it can be hard work and it costs good money to keep a dog ,but boy are the good times SO worth it!

Anyone who has a dog will know the difference between coming home to an empty house and coming home to a dog wagging its tail, in Salmon’s case his whole butt, and because he is so happy to see you he goes over to grab a special gift for you, his pillow! You simply cannot compare!

I want the whole world to feel what it is like to be loved by a dog!

I will share my knowledge and my journey with you and I hope that what I share will make a difference to you with a smile, a laugh, a happy tear or a breakthrough in the relationship with your dog.

Until next time check out a quick visual snap shot of just how much I love animals! Starting at age nothing completely in love with a new litter of Bull Terrier puppies.

Saxon and Puppy.jpg

Me with my foster kitties in Cape Town.

Saxon and kittens.jpg

With my friend, Swani, in London. He used to follow us all the way down the canal every morning on the way to work!

Saxon and Swani.jpg

In Central Park, New York with a beautiful horsey!

Saxon in NY.jpg

Saw this beautiful boy in Miami and had to have a kiss and a cuddle!

Saxon in Miami.jpg

With the wonderful Schkitze in Napoli.

Saxon and Schkitze.jpg

One of my most favourite moments in life in Venice with the pigeons!

Saxon in Venice.jpg

Finally I have arrived in Australia! SKIPPY!!!!

Saxon and Skippy.jpg

Armani you sweet little biscuit. My first doggy love in Adelaide!

Saxon and Armani.jpg

My first Royal Adelaide Show. Of course the only place to be at the show, in the dog pavillion!

Saxon at the show.JPG

I found a friend in Kangaroo Island! He wondered up to our accomodation from the beach!

Saxon KI.JPG

Of course the dogs were a part of the wedding!!!

Saxon and Salmon.jpg

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